How do you make an impact?


You save significantly in water consumption by avoiding the consumption of animals. In addition, we actively provide extra water in the soil through Justdiggit.

Co2 emissions

You ensuresignificantly less CO2 emissions by
- 100% vegetable food
- Minimal packaging
- Actively greening the earth

Regreen Revolution

In cooperation with Justdiggit you take care of the "regreening" of large pieces of land. More green will cool down the planet and make life better for the local people.

Animal suffering

We also like to take good care of our animals. Our product is 100% vegan (plant based). Overproduction and mass consumption of animals is no longer acceptable. This is how we see the future of our planet!

Our promise to be a good company

Our intentions are sincere. We want to be judged by the good we do and not just by the nice words we say. We keep our promises.

Our goal is to always provide products with maximum nutritional value and minimum impact on
our planet and animals. In addition, we are constantly looking to improve our packaging to make the maximum impact in producing as little waste and plastic as possible.

We promise to be a good company, which means that our drive to help people upgrade their lives always comes before the reckless pursuit of profit.

 We strive to produce the cleanest, most responsible products on the market and are constantly looking for smarter ways to make our products even better. Got ideas? Send them to us. (Click here). We are curious.

We want to make the food industry fairer by being fully transparent in everything we do. We want to create awareness by providing people with the right information about nutrition and inspire them to eat plant-based food, so they make the right choice for themselves and their environment. In doing so, we contribute to a better planet and healthier people whilst stopping unnecessary animal suffering.