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Eating on the go is usually fast food or a sandwich. Since I have Complete with me on the road, I eat much healthier and I feel much better. It's very simple and I save a lot of time now. I am looking forward to try the chocolate flavour!


WOW! Really a perfect breakfast and very tasty. I regularly add banana and with milk. It's very filling. I'm still working on the recipes. Very satisfied😀


I am very happy with Nurtifoodz Complete. As a working mother of three, I often have not enough time for lunch. It is then a godsend to make a shake of Complete. It also helps me to maintain my weight. To make a conscious choice without too much effort. Much better and healthier than grabbing a quick croissant.


Good taste! Not a typical vanilla but a touch of hazelnut, I think. Fantastic brand with a great story. For me the perfect solution when I have busy days and still want to eat well and nutritious. Very filling and gives me good energy. 👌