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On a mission to cool down our planet


Nutrians are climate conscious people who care about mental and physical health. You choose Nutrifoodz because of the Regreen Revolution and expertise in premium vegan and healthy nutrition.

Nutrifoodz understands the needs that we as a society need in our daily lives. However, we do not agree on how these needs are fulfilled. The way we treat ourselves, our animals and our planet is outrageous. You can do something about it! So that together we can help improve the world we live in.



Through Nutrifoodz you help to take better care of our planet. Besides saving water and CO2 emissions, you also help to cool down the earth. This has a positive impact on climate change, animals and people.

We achieve this together by engaging in 3 ways at Nutrifoodz:

1. Prevent global warming by producing 100% Plant-Based and Sustainable food. Soon on all our packaging: CO2e value (calculation: CarbonCloud).

2. Transparency about the impact and origin of our ingredients.

3. Actively taking action to cool down the earth even more. We do this by donating 1% of our turnover to Justdiggit - Regreen Revolution.

To date, all Nutrians together have reduced 20391 trees and 6.064.549m² "regreened". That equals 1212 football fields.

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